Three Tips To Finding A Good Car Wash

car washThe best way to get a perfectly clean car is to do it yourself and use quality tire shine products.

However we know that you always don’t have time to do it yourself.  Sometimes you have to take it to a car wash.  In these cases, it can be difficult to find a good car wash.

If you’re like most people, you want to take it to a car wash that does a good job and won’t damage your vehicle.  This can be hard.

To find a good car wash, you should follow these tips:

1. Don’t Worry About Price: Price should not be the deciding factor if you want to find a good car wash.  Many people get too caught up on price.  Also, an expensive car wash does not necessarily make it the best.

2. Soft Brushes: If you’re going to an automatic car wash, you want to go to one that has soft brushes.  Automatic car washes with cylinder drum style brushes can sometimes damage your vehicle.

3. Get Reviews: Ask around about good car washes.  Family and friends can usually provide good recommendations.  Also visit review sites such as Yelp! And CitySearch.

These three tips will help you find a good car wash.  After you wash your car, spray a little tire shine on your tires to give it a finished look.

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