Selecting The Right Car Color To Avoid The Car Wash

CarBlack, white, blue, green?  What is the best car color to choose?

According to, the most popular car colors are as follows:

  • White: 21 percent
  • Black: 18 percent
  • Silver: 17 percent
  • Gray: 15 percent
  • Red: 11 percent
  • Blue: 9 percent
  • Brown: 5 percent
  • Green: 2 percent
  • Yellow: 1 percent

Picking your car color based on popularity isn’t always the best options.  This is especially true, if you don’t like washing your car a lot.

If you don’t want to wash your car a lot, you should avoid blacks, dark blues and dark greens.  These colors get dirty very quickly.

White is a good color to get if you don’t want to wash your car a lot.  It also hides any dents you may get in parking lots.

However don’t get too caught up with what gets dirty the fastest.

Yes, some car colors require more washing than others, but there are also benefits.  For example, it’s a lot easier to resell a black car that gets dirty faster than it is to sell a bright yellow car.

To also help avoid washing your car a lot, use long-lasting tire shine products and car soaps.  Using the best tire cleaner and car soaps will keep you from washing your car a lot because they’ll protect your vehicle from dirt and dust.

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